We refer to her as “Allie”.  Allie is really short for Shalom Aleichem, which means “peace be upon you”.

Allie Headlight

Allie is 1998 Van Hool T940.  She is a road running coach bus spanning 40 feet.  Her girth is pushed down the road by a Cummins M11 diesel engine.

    Allie Stretch BackM11
Allie generally prefers to travel with an entourage.  Her roomy interior allows her to bring along fifty-one of her closest friends as she strolls from city to city.  Check out her fashionable seat covers as she struts her stuff down the highway.

Allie Interior

When Allie arrived home to join our family, we threw a camera in her face and shot this awkward video just like any good parents would do.