Fall (Sukkot) 2017 – Bus Conversion Tour

We decided to indulge a bit and bought a couch to sit across from our dinette. I had already partially built a bench, but we felt a comfortable couch would make the space much more enjoyable. We look forward to enjoying tasty meals and epic board games with friends and family in this space. The couch we bought is a Barryknoll …

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Spring 2017 – Bus Conversion Tour

After another long winter we have a lot of progress to show off. During the autumn of 2016 we were able to get the bus insulated with closed cell spray foam. This combined with the installation of our Dickinson Atlantic cook stove was a complete game changer for us. We now had the ability to work on our projects inside …

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Shaving Spray Foam With Fein 350QSL

As you may have seen in our previous video, the bus has been insulated with closed cell spray foam.  What was once a dark echo filled cave, has become a bright and comfortable workshop.  As the temperatures sink during the long cold Minnesota winter, I am repeatedly reminded of how far we have come and how truly thankful I am.  During …

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Sukkot in the Bus – Impromptu Tour

Rather than pitching the tent in the pouring rain, we decided to setup camp for Sukkot in the bus this year.  Our tiny home has been a construction zone all summer long. After a lot of sweeping, we moved in and set the table for dinner.  Enjoy a little impromptu tour of our temporary dwelling. If you are wondering what …

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Tiny Home Seating – Building a Bench Frame

We’ve had a pretty decent winter thus far. The freezing temps came late this year, which allowed me more time to wrap up things outside. When the cold finally set in, the family and I headed in doors. Natalia and I have been putting the final touches on our tiny home plans. Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time …

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New Swinging Bus Door

After a year of dealing with the air actuated bus door, I decided it was time to eliminate some complexity and take a simpler approach.  That simpler approach ended up taking many more hours to complete than I had anticipated.  The original door mechanism was well engineered and sealed very well, however it was designed for use while the engine …

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Well I Made the News

Well I made the news, but not in the way I would have preferred.  As I was walking out to my bike for the commute home, I came face to face with a large news camera.  Take a look.