Fall (Sukkot) 2017 – Bus Conversion Tour

Dining/Living Room

We decided to indulge a bit and bought a couch to sit across from our dinette. I had already partially built a bench, but we felt a comfortable couch would make the space much more enjoyable. We look forward to enjoying tasty meals and epic board games with friends and family in this space.

The couch we bought is a Barryknoll Settee.  It comfortably seats two and a half.  Any more than that and people will be sitting on top of each other.


Like everything in our bus, the kitchen is a balance of give and take.  Gain a little counter space here, loose a little storage there.  We have incorporated a number of unique elements into our kitchen.  We cut our own custom live edge counter top from a rustic slab of oak.  After some careful cutting and sanding we were final able to lay down a beautiful Waterlox finish.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I haven’t used many wood finishing products before.  I was amazed at how easy it was to work with.

Despite working with such a small space, my wife and I wanted a large usable sink.  We fitted our kitchen counter with a large NORRSJÖN sink from IKEA.  A corresponding Ruvati commercial style kitchen faucet will help us put this beast of a basin to work as we bathe kids, dishes and food.

The center piece and beating heart of our bus through the dead of winter will be our Dickinson Atlantic stove.  It will keep us warm, cook our food and heat our water.  Unlike propane, the diesel fuel it burns will produce a dry heat that will reduce the amount of condensation in our living space. 

In order to reduce the risk of fire in our tiny space, I have painted the walls with a thick layer of intumescent paint.  We used a product by INSL-X.  When it comes into contact with flame, it is formulated to char up and form a protective barrier between the flame and the material it is coating.  This reduces flame propagation and should give us additional time to respond in an emergency.


Well eventually all that delicious food has to end up somewhere.  That’s where our Separrett composting toilet comes in.  I could share all sorts of details about this throne of wonder, but I think I’ll hold off until we get to know each other a little better.  Bathroom cleanup will be done using Duravit bathroom sink and corresponding Greenspring faucet.  I found this little jem during an impromptu tour of a tiny home that I happened to walk by on my lunch break.  


The bedroom/office is where I plan to spend most of my time. I am wrapping up the live edge desktop that will form my work space domain. Since both slabs came from the same tree, my desk should match the countertops currently installed in the kitchen. Once it is mounted in place I will be able to install the Humanscale M8 monitor arm that has been slumbering in it’s packaging for far to long.

The sunlight hatch directly over my head will bring in plenty of natural light to douse me with high levels of vitamin D.  This pasty white nerd needs all the help he can get.