Shaving Spray Foam With Fein 350QSL

As you may have seen in our previous video, the bus has been insulated with closed cell spray foam.  What was once a dark echo filled cave, has become a bright and comfortable workshop.  As the temperatures sink during the long cold Minnesota winter, I am repeatedly reminded of how far we have come and how truly thankful I am.  During our evening family meals, we give thanks for our warm home.  The cold continues to remind me of how truly fragile our lives can be.

Our future home, though insulated, needs a shave before we can move forward with our other projects.  I expected finishing work on the spray foam to take months, but instead it has taken a handful of days.  This was made possible by a simple suggestion from a friend.  Sometimes simply listening to the experiences of others can eliminate a great deal of guess work and frustration.  Why repeat the struggles of others when it’s not necessary.  Of course if you’re reading this, you probably already know this lesson.

My friend, who has trimmed spray foam before, suggested that I consider using a multi-tool.  This isn’t the same sort of Leatherman multi-tool that you probably carry around in your pocket.  This is a power tool that uses an oscillating motion to cut, sand, and shave.  Many attachments are available that expand this tools capability beyond what I show you in this video.

After a number of hours developing my foam shaving technique, I knew I had to share it.  It’s not anywhere near rocket science.  In fact it’s pretty basic.  I wasn’t able to find an example on youtube of how a multi-tool could be used trim foam flush with curved walls and ceilings found in vehicles.  Most of my searches only yielded foam shaving techniques that are designed for traditional 2×4 construction.

Please check out the video above to learn how I used the Fein 350QSL to shave foam and save time.  If you believe this tool would be a useful addition to your toolbox, click the image below to shop for your own and support our website.

Music provided by Levi Robin.