New Swinging Bus Door

After a year of dealing with the air actuated bus door, I decided it was time to eliminate some complexity and take a simpler approach.  That simpler approach ended up taking many more hours to complete than I had anticipated.  The original door mechanism was well engineered and sealed very well, however it was designed for use while the engine was running. The air system was used to actuate the front door open and closed.  The door is quite cumbersome to open while the bus is sitting with the engine off.

The original door linkage took up a significant amount of space.  It took up room in the entry and the swinging arms infringed on space we were intending to use for other purposes.  By removing these items we now have a much larger entry than is typical on RVs.  This not only means that we’ll be able to easily walk in while carrying a bag of groceries in each arm, it also means that we have more options when selecting appliances.

Please enjoy the gallery and take note of the descriptions below each picture.  They describe  the steps that were taken to fabricate the swinging door.