Spring Has Arrived

The sun is shinning and warm weather fun lies ahead.  Only a few odds and ends have been worked on lately.  I’m working on the removal of the secondary alternator and AC compressor from the engine bay.  I’ve prepped some ceiling support beams for welding.  The warmth has lifted my spirits so much.  I love getting outside and putting my hands to work.

A friend sold us a more family appropriate vehicle.  It should be quite a bit of fun for us in the future.  I’ve loaded the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) with a full sound system.  We’re getting all set for a summer filled with drive-in movies.  I’m planning out some off road enhancements for it, but I need to make sure my focus remains on bus’s to do list.

We’ve been spending a lot of time together as a family.  We’ve been able to play in the yard and walk to the library.  It been such a relief to get an early break from winter.