Sawing Wood in the Snow

Finally after weeks of freezing temps we’ve been blessed with a window of warmth.  I’ve been stuck inside for far to long.  About the only thing I’ve been able to do is research and find the tools and materials needed to keep us moving.  Time to get outside and put some of those tools to work.

Since the bus is now a vacant shell with little for me to do at this junction, I’ve decided to take care of a need that I hadn’t put much thought into.  Time to build a work bench.  “Alley” will soon need furnishings, a work bench will allow me to prep and build the odds and ends she’ll need.  I began looking around the internet for a flexible and potentially mobile wood working bench that could serve double duty as a platform to weld on.  I came across Josh Finn’s Workbench.

Finn’s design is so simple.  It basically consists of two beams and pair of over sized saw horses.  The bench is able to be configured in many different ways and can be broken down and transported if needed.  Seems like a great option for us.

As the snow came down I got to work setting up lighting and running extension cables.  The house we are currently renting has a conveniently positioned patio.  The tucked in location not only provides adequate protection from the wind but it also positions me in close proximity to the work in the bus, the tools in the garage and the family in the house.  As I setup my workspace Natalia and Lydia came out to check on me.  It is great having them nearby not only for safety reasons, but also for the encouraging smiles they bring.

Snow and Light

It was a very rewarding night.  Sawing in the Snow isn’t as bad as one might think.  The graceful fall of snow amidst the blinding shine of work lights brought me back to those childhood memories of late night hockey on the river that ran behind our house.  When I was young my Dad built towering spotlights and mounted them along the river banks so we could play hockey as a family during those long winter nights.  I would look up and see huge snow flakes fall slowly through the streams of penetrating light.  Though I rarely play hockey anymore, I cherish those moments we spent skating over the gentle cascading ripples of the river’s surface.

Snow on Wood

For more on the progress of this build, see this update.