Come Meet the Family

The Papa

Jacob Sheep

Jacob is a man of many odd interests.  He enjoys digging deep into topics such as performance vehicles, recreational shooting, sustainable living and agriculture.  He’ll even pickup a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook to turn a scane of yarn into miniature work of wearable art.  One of his favorite things to do is to sit down and have a good conversation.  The type of conversation that tweaks the mind and challenges an individual’s philosophy and outlook on life.  He’s always looking to refine and challenge his own ideas by countering them with the convictions and viewpoint of others.  Jacob finds himself uncomfortable with normalcy and usually circumvents it with a more interesting path.  It’s not always the smoothest route, but at least it usually provides him with plenty of amusing experiences to share.

The Mama

Natalia and Mexican

Natalia is the easy going one who grounds the family and steers Jacob into more manageable endeavors.  A coffee date is her favorite way to spend time with a loved one. With a vanilla late in her hand, she’ll serve as a loyal listening ear for whatever is on your mind. She enjoys the excitement of traveling abroad. While traveling she has been able to work with various organizations and orphanages to serve those in need.  Her passion is for people, children in particular. Her efforts as a teacher at “Dodge Nature Preschool” has allowed her to witness the wonder of discovery in the eyes of children as they take in the world around them. Natalia has since transitioned from being the teacher of many student, to being the teacher of one very special “little peanut”.  Motherhood has been a wonderful, exhausting and over all rewarding time of her.  She brings a gentle touch to our little trio with her kind focus on friends and family.


The BabyLydia Playing With Truck

Lydia, though small in stature, is a kiddo that packs a feisty punch.  Her spunky attitude brings plenty of enjoyment to our little trio.  She’s beginning to talk and waddle around.  She has learned how to say “No”.  This leads Ma and Pa to fight back laughter as she exercises her defiance with such an innocent look on her face.  We love her dearly and dread where we might have been had we not been blessed with her arrival.  She certainly brought about a new beginning for us.

Of course where would any modern family be without a family selfie?

Family Selfie